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  • Confusius7:
    Bug solved (by itself ?) Thanks for your answers
    4. March 2021
    SkaterStan I understand it but I am stuck at 900 even if I solve a puzzle, I temporarily have a higher level and when I click next, I have 900 again
    Please ask the webmaster via email.
    3. March 2021
    Hum there was a bug, no link with this puzzle. I was playing in rating mode (very difficult and in three puzzle I went from 4d to 16k and I could come back upper than 12k (even if I solved a puzzle saying I have 1205 pts, when I click on my profile I only have 900. What to do ? Sorry for my English
    There is rating reset every month and prizes for the upper places.
    2. March 2021
    Farkas, The bug dissapeard, sorry for my english
    5. February 2021
    Hola, no sé si debo escribir por acá, pero cuando hago problemas de Raiting, rango,estoy en 12k, creo que se reseteó el progreso, pero cuando hago un problema no me sube, se que da en 12k
    English please.
    4. February 2021
    Hello, how do i get key to activate the beta. Sorry, i dont know where to ask
    It is not playable yet. The first keys will be available soon.
    14. July 2020
    I love Tsumego! But it would be nice if you can have a expand button to see all the problems instead of just showing 1-12. So when you finish all the problems you can go back and do all the blue ones right there, instead of having to click collections, then the problem set, then the problems you want. Thanks Keep up the great work!
    4. June 2020