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    Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    8k (67%)
    File by Ryan Smith

    White E19 after the last move in the solution kills Black, doesn't it?
    It becomes seki. https://senseis.xmp.net/?Seki
    3. December 2022
    first really like your app. thank you. Suggestion: It would be nice if a log was kept of missed problems as often a miss can expose a general weakness in reading, a blind spot if you will, a person needs to go over many times. Maybe add a button to write to a 2nd log log that will record the pblm. Maybe even allowing user to enter a personal comment and ideally even mark the pblm with some other color meaning - user has marked as important. Simple txt files add very little in terms of storage requirements. I have no idea how much extra complexity it might require programatically for app. best ecdave 30aug2020, 21:16 ect
    31. August 2020