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  • White to kill.
    Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    4d (24%)
    File by Sadaharu

    P.S. there's no need for one more move from the defender because the next move is to take the ko. If the defender plays any more moves it will be a waste of ko threats.
    So E19 by the opponent would be a mistake, they should take the ko? Ok, I reverted it back.
    16. March 2023
    @d4rkm4tter your solution is not ko anymore because black can play at E19 to kill after white takes at B19. I think it's better to leave the problem as it is. White has to fight that ko in the original solution .
    16. March 2023
    The solution is kô ? May be we can push the solution with one more move from the defender.
    Haha yeah, 12 moves further and it is still ko. Lets add the whole sequence because it is indeed beautiful.
    13. March 2023