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    Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    3d (26.53%)
    File by Kaan Malçok

    The option of N5 only after all the squeezes at the corner is still missing
    Your moves have been added.
    21. February 2023
    Atari is not good as on N5, you can play on S1 :( but may be you can play also P5 and N5 but it is less stylish
    Atari is as good as playing N5 directly if you play it with right timing (after exchanging R1-N1), otherwise opponent can play N1 at S1, was that what you meant? I added N5 directly as an option by the way.
    3. February 2023
    Many interchangeable sequences missing. W can just play at N5 instead of atari at Q4 too.
    I missed that it was possible to N5 directly without atari, but can you provide other missing sequences? I omitted some of the variations that work but were suboptimal or unintuitive like Q4-R6-P5-O5-N5 or D10 at D11 because the solution tree was too long and I had to shorten it.
    3. February 2023