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    Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    2d (30.19%)
    File by Innokentiy Zabirov

    Thanks for adding the new correct answers. At least now there are less chances for the user to get trapped. Anyway, this branch is unfortunate, because the schepsis of the problem is in the other one. I have seen the trick, but the system never gave me that branch. I get your point of view too. There is reason in it. And the added correct answers eliminated the trap I mentioned. Thanks.
    I added some moves and corrected the sgf.
    3. June 2020
    This is my last attempt to help you correcting the mistakes. To clarify once more the mistake,I will repeat my objection. When the user finds a path that gives life to the group that is asked to make it alive,than the user should be granted with the correct message and the deserved points no matter if there is supposedly a better way to make life. BUT, if the problem is really about the best sequence than the request should be clear, like, black lives with the best result. Then the user will have a clue why an obvious correct answer is not accepted. Or at least if modifying the request of the problem is not advisable, the incorrect message should be true and explanatory, like, black lives but there is a better solution. Anyway, I see that you added some correct answers in this branch, B12-A13.But this is purely arbitrary. At B12 can Atari at A12 and lose only 3. Also, D15-E1
    I think ko, best sequence and another hints is redundant for 5 star collection. This task not for beginners. I add A12 and D15 before B12. This is correct. If this was what did you mean in the first message, I misunderstood it. But after white A13 - A12 is incorrect.
    2. June 2020
    I finally figured it out, and there is not a better way, it is just a different way, and the user is trapped with no chance if the system chooses the variant marked as incorrect while actually is a correct solution. So, I noticed that the system can choose between C15 and A16 at B16. When chooses A16, the user is safe, because if continues with the right answer he will be granted the correct message and the deserved points for finding the solution. BUT, if like in my case the system choose to go with the other variant, answering with C15 at B16, and the user continues as I mentioned in my first message WHICH IS A CORRECT ANSWER, the system will wrongly give the incorrect message. Please fix the problem. And you owe me an apology. You just dismissed my comment without actually checking if I am right or wrong and made me waste few hours to understand what is wrong here.
    A12 is incorrect, because D15 kill all. While A12 kill only 5 stones. If you also ask about another moves, please provide wholly sequence.
    31. May 2020
    So many problems are messed up. This one is totally messed up. So C17-C18, B17-B18, B16-C15, C14-B13, B14-A14, B12-A13 and A12 is incorrect when there are 5 stones in atari. The same for D15 with 6 stones in atari. Maybe the problem is about optimal answer, and alonng the way I chose this path that is not so good as the optimal, one, and then the problem should have the text black lives optimal, not simple live.
    Yes, your moves is incorrect, because there is a better way.
    29. May 2020