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  • White to kill. (No Ko)
    Sprint Intuition Rejuvenation Refinement
    7k (64.6%)
    File by Bradford Malbon

    I don't think P3 actually results in ko though? If black responds with Q3, we play Q2, yes, but if black doesn't immediately respond with R5, then P2 kills the group. If black does respond with R5, black is still dead: W-P3, B-Q2, W-Q2, B-R5, W-P2, B-S5, W-S6, B-T5, W-T6, now its a capture race that white whould win outright
    I disagree with your comment. P3 is not the good answer. It is kô.
    7. April 2023
    Hello Why doesn't it work to play P3 for white ? If black answers Q3 we can take the stone by playing Q2
    P3 results in ko.
    17. November 2019